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The Palace Museum with tencent 'shake hands', a 599 - year - old Forbidden City will introduce 5 g

Date: 2019-09-17

16, the national Palace Museum to deepen strategic cooperation agreement with tencent, the next three years the two sides will focus on science and technology application and the academic innovation, through the "digital + cloud + AI", in the digital collection of cultural relics and cultural studies in areas such as in-depth power construction of "digital palace".

At the same time, they will also hand in hand China broadcasting and television network co., LTD., in the series "a dream of the imperial palace" in exploring to build 5 g with xinwen and combining with the contents of the template.The national Palace Museum director, said wang xudong palace this 20 years of digital exploration has achieved initial results, but is more comprehensive, more in-depth digital construction of the Palace Museum, a long way to go, need more excellent partners together.

3 years digital 100000 pieces of cultural relics

According to the deepening strategic cooperation agreement, the next three years, tencent will provide funding and technical support, to the Palace Museum of cultural relics protection for digital provide more substantial support.Joint research of cultural relics collection, storage and display of digital technology, is expected to complete 100000 pieces of high definition image acquisition, refinement, and jointly promote the establishment of digital collection industry standards.

"Digital palace" will lead foreign aid

Tencent's artificial intelligence, big data, user research, a think-tank, experts and the team will also be on the palace of the digital resources data and modification research, products and services, provide policy support for the construction of "digital palace".The two sides will jointly promote the talents in the field of "cultural heritage" digital communication and culture, "culture + technology" international BBS, invite global culture officials, scholars, experts and cultural enterprises of science and technology museum, discuss use technical force pushing forward the innovation of traditional cultural heritage.

The palace will introduce 5 g +

The Forbidden City and tencent will hand in hand China broadcasting and television network co., LTD., the common practice of 5 g + xinwen and strategic direction.Includes the current produced by tencent pictures product producer, the Forbidden City series "a dream of the imperial palace", will explore to "more than 5 g + 4 k ultra hd + interactive end + scene immersion" form of innovation, young artisans KuaiXiang to participate in the process of building the Forbidden City, carrying forward the culture of the spirit of the Chinese craftsmen and history of the imperial palace.

Based on the new model, the future "the dream of the imperial palace" will explore more derived form content, such as with a short video, cartoon expression, popular with young people to the Forbidden City essence, excellent traditional culture of the spirit of craftsman content thus passed to teenagers.Both sides also plan to explore combined with documentaries, movies and other forms of art, record the imperial palace and the Palace Museum of cultural relics, thus to achieve 5 g film under the environment of the possibility of immersed VR scene and the interaction of multiple screens.